RootsBiopack- Using Renewable Agricultural Waste as Resource

Product Characteristics

Raw Material Agricultural Waste — bagasse (sugarcane dregs), straw, wheat stalk, reed, bamboo
Degradation Biodegradable in water, soil and garbage in 60 to 180 days
Safety Global hygiene and food safety standards
Acid, oil, and water resistant
No mold count
No yeast count
No Coliform Bacteria (MPN)
Natural material
Temperature Resistance Oil 150° C
Hot water 100°C
Refrigeration -25°C
Microwave safe
Steamer safe
Oven safe 220°C
Static Loading Strong and Rigid — no distortion
Leak Resistance Waterproof
Customization Custom-design to specific shapes and sizes


How Biopack products compare for environmental responsibility

Coated Paper Plastic Styrofoam Biopack’s products
Specifically designed to utilize natural, abundantly-renewable resources NO NO NO YES
Uses agricultural waste and recycles it into useful products NO NO NO YES
Level of greenhouse gas emissions HIGH HIGH HIGH LOW
Level of fossil fuels used in production MORE HIGH HIGH LOW
Biodegradable NO NO NO YES
Compostable NO NO NO YES
Use landfill space YES YES YES NO
Specifically designed with the environment in mind NO NO NO YES