RootsBiopack- Using Renewable Agricultural Waste as Resource

Competitive Advantages

As a Powerhouse  in the global packaging industry, we are endowed with the following advantages:


1. We have strong brand recognition in our industry by having established  the “Roots Bio-pack” as a premium-quality brand.

2. Through successful cultivation we have the first mover advantage of a long-term and reliable supplier relationships with our key distributors. End users appreciate the superior quality of our products, which has led to significant loyalty. Distributors have positioned our brand as a premium biodegradable product.

3. We are  sophisticated and versatile in product design and development, having our own molding division and technical team  providing tailor-made designs in order to cater to the special requirements of our clients. We  have joint programs with universities, research institutes and independent testing laboratories to further strengthen our competency in product innovation  and quality assurance.