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The long-term negative environmental effects of non-biodegradable products  have been taken notice by Governments, corporations and the public worldwide. Here are some of the actions taken:


  • Expanded polystyrene is being targeted for replacement.
  • Various municipalities and counties in California, U.S.A. have banned the use of polystyrene foam food packing.
  • US Environmental Protection Agency has banned nonessential products including plastic foam products in 1999.
  • Audio link – Will the state of California (USA) ban styrofoam food containers entirely?
  • Regulations in China, Japan, Korea, India, Nepal and the Philippines to reduce pollution caused by plastic packaging.
  • Seattle (USA) has joined the growing list of cities to ban expanded polystyrene and enact a disposal fee for plastic bags.
  • In San Francisco (USA) research shows that the polystyrene ban is paying dividends.


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