RootsBiopack- Using Renewable Agricultural Waste as Resource


Environment White Pollution

A large amount of  waste currently going in to our landfills consists of packaging and containers designed for one-time-use food containment. These materials break down very slowly, thus creating a significant waste disposal impact in our Landfills.

These Contribute to:

    · an increase in landfill burdens;

    · an increase in toxic emissions to the environment

    · a  increase in the use and production of non-renewable resources.

The non-biodegradable packaging and containers have been associated with a visual dilemma  called “White Pollution”, in China. There is also a lack of environmental awareness amongst the citizenry contributing to the adverse impact caused by plastic materials; the materials are thrown away resulting in foam boxes everywhere, unaware of the effect on their city’s image and more importantly their environment.


Here is an example of white pollution.