RootsBiopack- Using Renewable Agricultural Waste as Resource

Roots Biopack

Eco-Friendly Packaging Solutions

RootsBiopack Environmental Solutions History could be dated back to the start of our green business in the packaging industry in 1995.  we emerged in the green packaging industry with  food container products for multinational corporations which where 100% biodegradable, in Europe and the U.S. As we  Became one a Powerhouse in the global biodegradable packaging industry, we successfully placed ourselves as one of the  most regarded total packaging solution providers. The services we offer range from product design, development, quality assurance, product testing, along with sales and marketing through our extensive global network.

Year 2007 represents an important milestone in our history. Recently, we have successfully listed our company on the FINRA(NASD) OTCBB in the United States. We also plan to establish our own manufacturing function in the people’s Republic of China to further booster our strength in providing total packaging solutions for our global customers. We have recently rented a factory site in Jiangmen, the PRC, to serve as our production base. Strategically, we will expand our geographical coverage through a series of ad hoc projects, primarily in Malaysia.

RootsBiopack is a socially responsible corporation that helps contribute to the conservation of our environment and relieving environmental pollutions in our planet through the provision of revolutionary total packaging solutions using 100% biodegradable materials.


The mission of RootsBiopack is to provide innovative, Superior products  to meet the demand for biodegradable and fully compostable packaging. We are committed to the preserving of our  environment Globally and the process of eliminating unnecessary pollution caused by packaging.